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Название телеканал: Rophe Channel
Tрансляция страна: India
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The word “ROPHE” in Hebrew stands for HEALER. ‘Jehovah Rophe’ which means God The Healer.
God is talking to you through His word, and His word is for you. Are you born again in spirit? Are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb? Is Jesus your Lord and Saviour? Then Healing is yours. Healing is the children’s bread and you are God’s child. Healing belongs to you today! It is yours, It is your Birthright. It is not something you have to pay for. It is not something you have to beg for. It is yours, you have a New Physician today and His name is JESUS.

Rophe TV is a Media Ministry in the state of Goa and Kolhapur in India, Ministering house to house the Message of SALVATION.

As people are hungry and in need for the Word of God. Our broadcasting standards allow our viewers to receive life changing, informative and highly inspirational programs in their Homes. Rophe TV channel is delivered through fibre-optic cable granting platforms to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ House to House, so also through Web TV and Android app.

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Rophe Channel поток не находится на нашем сайте, это предусмотрено самим телевизионной станции. Поэтому, пожалуйста, ждать, чтобы подключиться к Rophe Channel трансляции. Rophe Channel канала может быть иногда недоступен в сети.