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Название телеканал: Chelsea TV
Tрансляция страна: United Kingdom
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Chelsea TV is a television channel, dedicated to the fans of the Premier League club Chelsea.

The channel first launched in August 2001 and is available on Sky channel 421 (SD) and 422 (HD) in the UK and Ireland and is the only broadcaster filming at the club's training ground on a daily basis. It broadcasts 7 days a week in the UK and Ireland for 17 hours a day - 8 am to 1 am. Subscribers can watch a live stream of the linear channel on www.chelseafc.com

Daily short form & VOD content is published online, on mobile and via social network platforms. All online and mobile content is broadcast live and published in HD.

Note: we are investigating a possible issue with the Live Stream not working on some Google Chrome browsers where it will tell you to log in even though you already are.  While we look into it please try a different browser (Firefox, Edge, Safari) if you cannot currently play the stream.

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